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Welcome to the Aruciméli Resort

Aruciméli is located on the Tenuta Margi, halfway between Ragusa Ibla and Giarratana, both of which are celebrated Medieval and Baroque centers in the heart of the Parco degli Iblei. The resort is composed of old buildings that have been carefully restored using original materials. It is surrounded by a high wall of white stone that encloses and safeguards the privacy of guests. Staying at Aruciméli means enjoying a vacation that features art, culture, fine food, and relaxation. The resort is located in the upper Irminio River Valley, among karst ridges and the characteristic Ibleo countryside. It is an ideal environment for those who wish to spend a holiday in close contact with nature. History and art lovers will appreciate the numerous archaeological sites located near the facility. Finally, the Aruciméli Resort will delight you with a menu based on typical locally sourced ingredients to acquaint you with the authenticity and goodness of the area’s wine and food culture.

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Our apartments

Our apartments are finely furnished and equipped with every comfort, including: Wi-Fi, air conditioning, stove, oven, blender, dishwasher, washing machine, heating, and LED TV. Outside, you can relax in our swimming pool with whirlpool and reinvigorate yourself in the outdoor hot water showers. In addition, you no longer have to worry about suitcases and parking, thanks to our luggage service and reserved parking spaces.


The territory surrounding the Tenuta dei Margi features numerous archaeological sites, whether prehistoric Sicilian, as in the “Grotta Castellucciana di Calaforno” or of the Greco-Roman era for the Roman Villa of Giarratana. The most extraordinary thing, however, is that within the estate itself there is a Roman farm from the Imperial era, the “Officina Mellis Hybleus.” Here, they produced excellent products that were sent directly to Rome, including the famous Ibleo Honey, which was praised by Cicero during his trip to Sicily.

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